……Book Chapters……

Chapter 1        Energy – The Secret Behind Everything

It took me some time to come to terms with the fact that my whole body, my brain, mind and soul are constructed of energy. We are beings of energy and because of this are linked to everything on this planet, within the Universe and beyond. To understand energy, as defined in the book, I take the reader on a journey into the quantum or sub atomic world. Here the laws are quite different in comparison with the laws that govern the physical world and day to day reality that we experience. This includes taking the reader through some simple quantum physics experiments and theory that will enable them to make sense of such phenomena as miracles in healing (spontaneous remission), ghosts, telepathy and so on. The laws of the quantum world are an integral part of the laws of the Universe (and Multiverse). They provide a link which connects us to our physical, Universal and spiritual dimensions. Understanding what this means offers the potential to change our lives for the better. That is because it affects our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. We are offered a path that adds some spiritual meaning to life. Appreciating the dimensions of the physical reality that we experience and the dimensions of our energy-self (or authentic-Self) which includes the soul’s reality (our spiritual reality) also has the potential to empower us to achieve an inner feeling of positive well-being and a much happier life.

Chapter 2        Empower your Destiny Through the Fifth Dimension  

A major step forward on life’s journey occurs when we realise that the most powerful tool we have is a thought. Understanding thoughts and consciousness, that is the conscious, unconscious and higher conscious minds, is a powerful key in shaping our destiny. Scientists still pursue the belief that the thinking part of us resides within the brain. Stepping outside of a conventional approach shows that it resides in energy fields that surround the body. Investigating the fields leads us into the sub-atomic or quantum world which is also the world of the soul. Time and space are co-existent in the continuum of this world. We are conditioned to only understand linear time which enables working through our life’s lessons in a sequential manner. The brain is a complex bio-electrical/electronic machine that translates (through a process of magnetic energy induction amongst other) what is going on within the body’s different energy fields (consciousness) and physical body (including the gut and heart regions) into a form (a thought and/or physical feeling) that can be understood and worked with. Learning how to use the conscious and unconscious minds to our benefit is a major key to achieving success in life.

Chapter 3        Understanding Consciousness: the Quantum Self

Elaborating on the concept that we are ‘beings of energy’, the human energy field structure is explored in detail. Investigating this structure (the seven subtle energy bodies and their interconnecting vortex energy centres) provides an insight to our psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual makeup. It enables development of an appreciation of the intricate relationship between the soul, persona (personality including ego, free will, shadow selves and masks) and our physical being. The physical world duality of personal development and inner (spiritual) growth merges into one. Clarity of purpose arises, creating a transformation that can result in fulfillment, fun and a less stressful lifestyle.

Chapter 4        Turn Your Life Around – Take Control, Let Go and Fly

At different times during my life, I seem to have been blocked from achieving my goals. Slowly, but surely, I realised that I needed to find out the cause of what was blocking me. In doing so, I discovered that removing the blocks that stop me from having a fulfilling life is an ongoing process. Today’s 24/7 busy lifestyle creates a large amount of clutter (doubts, false beliefs, automatic negative thoughts (ANTs), low self-esteem, worry, fear, stress and so forth) in our mind. This prevents us from seeing the wood for the trees, as it forms a major part of how we block ourselves. Detecting and removing our blocks puts us on a path to achieve our desires and is the main thrust of this chapter. To help us to fly, that is to excel in what the mind focuses on, lift off is induced through two magical well proven techniques based on the power of expectations (and intention) and the law of attraction.

Chapter 5        Understanding Relationships and Self-empowerment

How can our relationships be given a boost? To do this, going through a process of getting to ‘know ourSelf’ first is a vital step. Understanding what makes us tick, clarifies our position to appreciate those who are in a relationship with us. Each of us has a complex set of personalities (including ego and free will), sub-personalities, masks and shadows. All of these form our persona. We are like an actor on a stage playing out and experiencing life’s different acts/scenes at an appropriate time. Masks are different identities that we take on, as we journey along life’s path. And shadows contain the dark parts of all our personalities/sub-personalities including suppressed/repressed experiences that occur from birth.  One of life’s tasks is to bring both the light and shadow parts of the personalities and masks into balance. Appreciating the need to work with our inner child, inner controller, inner parent and so on, to bring them into balance is another task. Personal, family, social and work relationships are examined to recognise what their true function is.  Few of us realise that they are about personal development plus inner (spiritual) growth through how we handle them. Acknowledging the part played by attitudes, behaviour and the complex interaction of different parts of our persona is crucial to improving and enhancing our relationships. All of us have an inbuilt ability and power to bring them into harmony. All of our relationships have meaning and can result in uplifting experiences when you appreciate and work through the dynamics involved.

Chapter 6      Life-leadership: Leading yourself and Inspiring  Others

We are all involved in life leadership, whether we want to or not. Life leadership comes in two parts: personal responsibility and inspiring others. How many of us accept that personal responsibility is a major life challenge? Life leadership reveals the benefits of personal responsibility which results in a greater control over our own life. Recognising basic human internal/external needs and emotional intelligence is vital to succeed in life leadership. Equally, understanding how we communicate is an underestimated skill. Few of us have any idea that we only use about 10  per cent of the mind/brain system. Tuning into the other 90  per cent is vital to improve leadership. This enables a connection with a higher level of intelligence and our creative talent(s). It also enables a connection with and empowerment of intuition (hunches), thus increasing our natural sensing capability. As a consequence, confidence in decision making improves. Leadership through accepting personal responsibility, emotional and intuitive intelligence provides the basis on which to establish a win/win situation for all those involved.

Chapter 7 Life’s Journey: Re-awakening to Create an Inspiring Story

At different times in life, each of us is offered an opportunity to take a step back and ask ourselves: ‘what is my life about?’ With luck, someone we know or meet or perhaps a book that we are inspired to buy provides us with some clues. This book presents several clues to enable us to understand where we fit into the scheme of things and adds some spiritual meaning to life. President Obama, during his first election tour, in year 2008, was constantly promoting the need for each individual to make a change. Starting with finding out who we really are (‘know your-Self’) is a first step in the change process. The world too is facing a period of challenging and changing economic and political times. Abundance is at the forefront of most people’s minds. Manifesting abundance in such areas as relationships, money, property and so forth is the subject of perhaps some of the most popular seminars/workshops today. Yet, there is only a limited focus upon what is actually stopping an individual from becoming abundant. This chapter describes what blocks the manifesting process, and how to remove the blocks. And a process is also provided to help the reader to actually manifest their desires. The main point made is for each of us to appreciate that our authentic-Self automatically manifests what we need when we need it. Our quest is to merge our fabricated-Self (physical self and persona principally driven by the ego) into the authentic-Self (principally driven by our soul) to allow manifestation to occur naturally. This allows ourselves the opportunity for a happier, less stressful and a more rewarding life.


The contents of this book represent an evolution of my own truth which has changed greatly since I began to think outside of my virtual box. Much value has been added to my life and I am sure that the book will add value to yours. Journeying along life’s path, we write our own story and have an opportunity to make it a good one. Do you appreciate that the story you write about yourself not only influences your well-being, but also the well-being of those around you and beyond? This is an awesome responsibility for each of us, once we “get it”. As empowered individuals, we do make a significant difference to ourselves and to what is happening in the greater scheme of things. The book illuminates a lesser appreciated fact that, as adults, we have more choices than we think with respect to the paths we select on our life’s journey. Recognising that we have the ability to choose different paths to follow as we journey is an important skill to learn. I show you how to develop this skill.

Raising awareness to embrace the Universal laws of the quantum world (the world of energy and of spirit) and merging the fabricated-Self with the authentic-Self is a must. In undertaking this task, new ways of doing things will unfold which are imperative not only for our own well-being and of those around us but also for the planet and beyond. Information is given to help us to tailor-make our own action plans. It is important when we put together our action plans to enhance them with energy from the heart. My research has shown that heart energy is the most powerful universal force available to us. It has the power to give a boost to our action plans and especially our passions. An important point to remember is that our mind is the architect and builder of our life story.Choices are offered in the book, to make the reader’s life story one that increases their inner feeling of positive well-being and happiness. Moreover, the reader has an opportunity to attract the life that they desire. So, choose well and prosper.