Unravel Life’s Secrets

The author – John H Leckie – has written YOUR CHOICE to act as the ultimate guide to steer us through life’s most challenging and changing times. Strengthening the connection with our authentic-self and higher-consciousness  which operates in the flow of the quantum (sub-atomic) world is a key feature. Another is highlighting the upgrade that is taking place as we move from a four dimensional perspective of life to incorporate a fifth dimensional perspective. As we journey, the author presents a selection of processes and techniques that enable us to:

            • upgrade our life by connecting with our quantum energy authentic self and higher consciousness
            • draw on the benefits of anchoring our life’s 4th dimensional perspective into the natural 5th dimension (energy)
            • give meaning to what is happening to us in life
            • understand the needs of our inner-self (authentic self)

Experiences may have, so far, led us to a belief that we have a limited control over what is happening to us. But we actually have:

            • much more control than we were brought up to believe, and have
            • a profound capability to improve our relationships, success, health and manifestation skills (including wealth).

The challenge, therefore, is how do we unleash this untapped capability?  Your Choice is designed to enable us to do this and also to enhance our lives and the soul within.

YOUR CHOICE – Unravel life’s secrets  is available from Amazon and Book Depository (www.bookdepository.co.uk). Just type in the author’s name John H Leckie or the full book title at their website and you will be taken to the book site. Book Depository are offering a discount and free postage to selected destinations. The book has been published with the support of Writersworld see http://www.writersworld.co.uk . After much searching a publisher was found –  Writersworld  who are a self publishing company with integrity offering a network of highly professional support associates to help a writer to get published.

YOUR CHOICE bridges an understanding of who and what we are. For we are both a:

            • physical being – and an
            • energy being that contains our soul which operates in the
            • quantum world of energy at a sub-atomic level.

Being aware of these facts results in a paradigm shift in our consciousness that forms the basis of accessing as yet unrealised inner potential. So, what’s been holding us back from realising our fuller potential? We are required to make an upgrade in:

            • the way we think
            • how we perceive life and
            • our belief systems in order to
            • understand the Universal laws in which our energy Self operates.

These laws influence us, in addition to the laws of the physical plane of daily existence. They can lead us onto a path where we are able to create our own success whatever that may be. We have an opportunity thereby  to transform our future by making better choices.

YOUR CHOICE takes us through some physics (quantum mechanics), psychology, philosophy, spiritual dynamics and some of life’s secrets in an easily readable and understandable way. The book highlights what is missing from education at home, school, college, university, and from other authority figures. Our awareness is raised to a point where the real purpose of life becomes clearer and we gain an enhanced sense of Self. This enables us to make a power shift to transform our life. The challenges we face then become stepping stones to success and a true understanding of our-self. When we bring the physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, energy and frequency aspects of our Self into balance happiness becomes a continuous state and the norm.

One of YOUR CHOICE’S special gifts is to help us to ‘know our-Self’ to a level where we attract the life that we are meant to experience. Manifestation of our desires then become an automatic occurrence. Life’s secrets will no longer be the sole right of those who appear to have made it. The true structure and operation of our consciousness (that is our conscious, subconscious, unconscious and higher conscious minds) is unveiled.  Our awareness is raised to enable us to operate from the fifth dimension (energy) with a strengthened communication channel to our soul and higher-self. This will ensure that we walk our unique path in life. It will also enable us to elaborate upon the question: ‘who am I’.

A key secret in life is to recognise that we are all like quantum (sub-atomic) bio-magnets. What does this mean? It means that in relationships we attract and are attracted to people and situations which mirror back to us life lessons and issues that we are here to grow from. This should take the sting out of any difficult relationship which we are in and challenges that we are facing. Mirroring really helps us to understand our relationships and ourselves as we journey through life.

Some of the book highlights with respect to relationships are:

Personal Relationships

An essential fact to consider is that each of us is the most important person in our life. Paradoxically, the relationship we have with our Self is, first and foremost, the most important relationship that we have. It affects all of our other relationships and performance in our daily activities such as within our family, at work, in sport or social engagements. As an individual, we have a purpose in being here.  YOUR CHOICE helps us to understand different elements of our purpose, persona (including our ego and free will) and how to bring them into balance. There is potential to change for the better. One of life’s secrets is to recognise that we have an authentic-self (that is our real Self) and to learn to work with it. Our authentic-self will help us to transform our relationships and to create success.


Family Relationships

In the real world, families are the very cornerstone of our society. Yet, with the current focus upon money and material goods occupying that role, relationships continue to fragment. YOUR CHOICE offers a different approach to understand how relationships work and the true purpose behind a relationship. A family setting offers a captive environment where the psychology of mirroring acts  most persuasively. This provides opportunities for personal development and spiritual growth within the family. Relationships within and beyond the family are considered, to provide us with an opportunity to make a positive change. In the world of energy: emotions, frequency and feelings are all important. They are the building blocks to create better relationships, a happier life and also a major key to boosting our health and well-being. In life, as in sport, maintaining a positive control over our emotions, by developing emotional intelligence, puts us onto a path to realistically consider going for gold.

Work Relationships

Where we work is perhaps the most important learning and growth platform, after family life. Why is it important? This is because we mirror our issues/life lessons between each other. YOUR CHOICE explores our energy attractor field and the energy exchanges associated with mirroring to explain what is going on between us and the people we form a relationship with. Conflict resolution becomes much easier, once what is happening at an energy level is understood. A beneficial increase in efficiency and a harmonious atmosphere are outcomes.

Do Home and Work Location matter?

The locations and buildings where we live and work have their own unique energy signature (attractor field). Our energy signature  will attract us to the attractor field/energy signature of where we locate ourselves and work and vice versa. If we face disruptions in our life, then there is a need for us to look into these energy signatures which vibrate at their own unique frequencies. YOUR CHOICE helps us to change the energy signature of where we live and work, and indeed our own energy signature. At times, we may actually make a move because our energy signature requires a different challenge for it to change, to enable the soul to grow. Directions are given to enable us to investigate our home and work environment, to determine if there are energy blocks.

Once energy blocks are identified, worked through and removed an improvement in the health and happiness of those who occupy the structures can be expected. Companies in difficulty can expect an improvement in efficiency and a positive contribution to their bottom line.  Approaching a business from an energy perspective drills into the corporate culture and soul of the company. Human and physical assets are one in the world of energy.

As we navigate along life’s path, YOUR CHOICE is ideal to provide some invaluable guidance. It’s a book that enables us to set a course and to steer through difficult times as they arise. This is possible by recognising and understanding our energy-Self, frequency and also the power of the quantum world. Techniques and processes are introduced that outline power shift strategies for us to develop. Clearing our energy blocks is most important, as it leads to removing a lack of understanding of what is happening to us, and around us. It also puts us in control of our lives. Change and challenging times will then be experienced as pure growth. Happiness and wellbeing will be a natural occurrence and not a distant memory.

 A virtual company called Future Reality Limited (www.yourfr.com) has been incorporated to help you deal with the ongoing 21st century challenges/changes which are forecast to grow in intensity until about year 2030. A creative mind set upgrade is required to successfully navigate through the ongoing changes/challenges that we all face. Our planet is experiencing a dynamic energy shift which is affecting its magnetic resonance. The shift is caused by our planet, solar system and galaxy moving into a different position in the universe due to its rotation around the centre of the Universe. It is also caused by the change in solar winds that that are projected from the sun to our planet. This began to gain strength at the end of year 2012 and is having an effect on our consciousness and the way we think. Everything that we have been accustomed too (banking, public sector service, governance of all kinds and so on) is going through a powerful change. All our present structures will not survive. Future Reality Limited’s goal is to direct its clients onto a smoother path as they journey through the challenges/changes. Our goal is to create for our clients an outcome of success, fulfilment, abundance of all kinds, good health and happiness. Your mind is the architect and builder of all that you construct in your life. So think well, create and prosper.