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Author Bio: John H Leckie RD, MSc, BSc (Hons)

I am naturally inquisitive, a learner and teacher at heart. As a physicist, my curiosity about life was stimulated by developing an understanding of matter and energy. Later, my appreciation about the nature of human beings was enhanced through working in professions that enabled me to explore how the world operates politically, financially and economically. Finding out how I fitted into the scheme of things was my ultimate quest. Moreover, answering the question ‘who am I’ and ‘what is my purpose’ was another. 

Electronics was my first professional passion. Being ever curious, I changed course to read for a first degree in nuclear physics (including particle physics and quantum mechanics), and later for a master’s in computer science and business studies. I was attracted to finance and world trade, which became another powerful passion. Later, gaining an understanding of consciousness and life in our 5th dimensional energy-self eclipsed all that I had experienced on my journey. Quantum Physics was a major key here to unlock life’s hidden secrets and to square the circle.

My career path includes working in international consultancy, the United Nations (FAO, UNDP and WFP), the World Bank (Washington DC) as well as in development banking and merchant banking/investment banking (City of London and the Middle East). I practiced in corporate finance, project finance, direct investments and company turn-around participating as a board member. Insights gained from these activities opened doors that enabled me to view the world without my usual genetic blinkers.

Working and living in Europe, America, the Middle East and Far East enabled me to develop a broad understanding of diverse cultures, religions and social customs. I have given workshops/seminars and talks to different groups of people, companies, businessmen’s associations, the United Nations, World Bank and investment banks in the UK, Europe, America, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Dubai.

At the heart of my research is understanding our power when we operate in the 5th dimension and the dynamics of human consciousness. Developing techniques for us to make profound changes to our lives is a central goal. I have been effectively strengthening and upgrading the foundations of how we view and run our lives. The impossible then becomes possible.

To unravel the secrets of life it’s necessary for each of us to raise our awareness to allow us to view life from several different directions. Getting to ‘know our-Self’ in depth is the new norm for the 21st century. A principal key to unlock our full potential is to understand that we are also energy beings and our physical self is only a part of who we are.

Much inspiration for my book came from an increasing awareness of the spiritual dynamics of life related to energy and the human energy fields. Linking this with my international work experiences highlighted four major observations, namely that there is:

  1. a lack of motivation and recognition of the power of our inner self in today’s work/ life balance.
  2. a lack an understanding of the dynamics of human relationships and how the law of attraction plays out here.
  3. little awareness of how to connect with inner passions, intuition/hunches, creative abilities, higher intelligence and the authentic-self.
  4. no appreciation of the benefits to be gained from recognising that we are beings of energy. We have all been conditioned out of reality and are mostly unaware of the real power behind: thoughts, emotions, energy, frequency and feelings. Knowing how these interact makes profound changes in our lives.

Solutions are provided to the above four points in my book which was published at the beginning of the April year 2013 and has been updated twice.