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Synopsis of YOUR CHOICE

This book is designed to guide the reader through life’s most challenging times to create success and to add some spiritual (non religious) meaning to what is happening. Satisfying a desire to boost: relationships; the flow of abundance and, at times, health and happiness is an age old pursuit. I show how, as beings of energy, we can accomplish these tasks and more, to create a more fulfilling life. Befitting this 21st century, my approach in writing  YOUR CHOICE is to bring together the latest understanding of the hidden processes working behind the scenes in each of our lives. The reader is taken through some quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy and some of life’s best kept secrets to add substance to the concepts that I put forward. Creating a rewarding and happy life; exploring the causes of what may be stopping this from happening and what to do about it is a key focus within the book.

Getting to ‘know my-Self’ in depth caused a transformation in my life. It enhanced my awareness and perception of what life is about for the better. Is it possible for everybody to experience this? I respond to the question in the book by “unraveling some of life’s hidden secrets”. Acting as a guide, the book explores looking at life from many different directions.  In fact, the book is also like a series of mini action plans to make your journey much more interesting and fulfilling. Each of the book’s seven chapters reveals different parts of an action plan that you may wish consider adopting. Getting to ‘know your-Self’ is a main theme. As you get to ‘know your-Self’, you empower your inner/authentic-self to take the lead. In this state, manifesting what you desire in life will happen automatically.

A significant step forward, to unravel the hidden secrets of life, is to appreciate that we are all ‘beings of energy’. What does this mean? It means that in true reality we are made up of molecules, atoms and, finally, in the language of to-day’s science, of “strings of energy”. It also means that we obey the same Universal laws that operate in the sub-atomic or quantum world as do all life forms on the planet and Universe. Familiarisation with the laws provides an ability to recognise why our life plays out the way it does. As our awareness grows, doors open in our consciousness which lead to stimulating such abilities as attracting what we desire, or communicating with our soul, or with higher levels of intelligence, or self-healing and so on. We open ourselves to experience the true magic of life.

The concept of the human bio-magnetic field is introduced which was known some 6,000 years ago by Hindu’s. This field operates within the sub-atomic (or quantum) world to which we are all a connected. As quantum bio-magnets, we attract to us and/or are attracted to everything that happens on our life’s path. Once our minds assimilate this fact, the insight leads us to accept that we are actually more than just mere physical beings, with visual, auditory and kinaesthetic skills.  Suddenly, life becomes more interesting, as we become aware of the true significance of relationships; the employment we take up; why we buy a house or flat in a certain location, and so forth. We are in a prime position to really get to “know our-Self”. Why we face certain challenges and changes throughout our lives becomes clearer.

When we are born, we start life with an authentic-Self. As we grow, another Self forms which I call the fabricated-Self. Both are an integral part of our personality. Understanding the fabricated-Self’s attributes helps us to recognise our attitudes and behaviour. In comparison with the fabricated-Self, the authentic-Self provides a direct access to the soul.  The authentic-Self knows who we really are, what we are here to do and learn. Operating from the authentic-Self provides a route to long term happiness. Merging both of these Self’s to empower the authentic-Self to lead is promoted in the book.

Have you ever thought about how well you actually ‘know your-Self’? Following through with this exercise and combining the concept of the human body’s energy structure with your persona structure leads to a further understanding about the complexities of relationships. If we take into account that relationships are really a platform to work through each party’s life lessons and issues, then this gives rise to some stunning conclusions. Two of these conclusions are: ‘there are no wrong relationships’, and ‘all relationships are meant to happen’. How to form warm, supportive and effective relationships at home, work and socially is covered in depth.

If we want to fly in life, that is to achieve success in what we are involved in, then getting rid of the clutter occupying our mind which is stopping us is a must. The fabricated-Self loves clutter. Just what is it? It consists of false beliefs, automatic negative thoughts, low self-esteem, doubt, stress and so forth.  These are all typical examples which give rise to stress related ailments. Ridding our-self of this has an added bonus. It empowers our abundance and life-leadership skills. Such skills include inspiring others and accepting personal responsibility for our life. To create abundance in all its forms can be illusive, in this 24/7 progressively workaholic and always doing society. Yet, working through the human traits that stop abundance opens a path for the power of expectations, and the law of attraction to engage with spectacular effect. Understanding the energy interplay in any abundance request increases the chance of a successful outcome.

Meeting the changes and challenges of the 21st century requires a substantial upgrade in our traditional thinking and how we perceive and handle our lives. Through expanding our awareness, we are given an opportunity to become self motivated to follow a path to achieve our desires. Understanding the soul’s needs and the spiritual dynamics of life is part of this expansion. Being mindful of our thoughts, we are guided to create a more uplifting story of our lives. Mind, as ever, is the architect and builder of our life. We create our own reality.